Save money and reduce stress by decluttering before you move

Many people take the opportunity to have a good clear-out before they move - it's a good way to get rid of things you haven't used for years, but it will also keep your moving costs down. Reputable removal firms will visit your house and base their quote on the amount of stuff you have, not the number of rooms. That means even if you're moving from a small starter home, you could be in for a shock.

It's not just a financial thing - clearing out your clutter will help your new house look, and stay, beautiful. You may be wondering where to start though, especially if you are preoccupied with other aspects of the move. If that's the case, our handy guide is here to help.

  • Start by clearing out every cupboard in your house, then move onto the loft and/or cellar if you have one. Sort items into rubbish, to give to charity or to be sold.
  • Charities will often send someone to collect sellable items of furniture free of charge. Alternatively, why not ask your buyers / new tenants whether they'd like to buy large items of furniture?
  • Your local authority will also run a scheme to collect furniture or old electrical goods for disposal free of charge or for a small fee.
  • Send old mobile phones/DVDs/CDs to a company who will give you cash for them.
  • Books are often heavy and most charity shops will no longer accept them. You may be able to sell some of these or donate them to your local library.
  • Get the whole family involved. Asking your children to put aside toys and books for the charity shop or other worthy cause will not only teach them to think of others but will help to train them early!
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