How to make the most of a property viewing

Looking for a house should be exciting but it can be soul destroying if you're not quite sure what you're looking for. Or you know what you want but it just isn't out there. It's not surprising then that buyers often snap up properties after giving them little more than a glance, particularly in areas where there is a high level of competition for homes.

We've put together some tips to help you get the most out of your property viewing:

  • Do as much research as you can beforehand so you can filter your list of candidate homes down to a shortlist before you even see them. Look at area, local schools and transport links and how much you can afford - it's never too early to consult an independent financial adviser.
  • Don't visit too many properties on one day - viewing a home when you're tired means you may overlook a great property or snap one up that needs more work than you realised.
  • For a stress-free experience, you may be tempted to view properties without your children but their views are important and they can give you a different perspective. They will probably be over-excited though, so do offer them a reward for good behaviour. Give them a snack and get them to use the bathroom before you set out, so they aren't hungry - or worse - on the viewing.
  • Take notes, especially if you are viewing more than one property in a day. Take special care to note 'red flag' issues such as evidence of damp and subsidence, and the condition of appliances, particularly things that are expensive to replace, such as the boiler. Likewise, if the house isn't already double-glazed, this could be a considerable expense.
  • Check out how much storage there is. If a home is beautifully presented, it can be easy to overlook important issues such as how you will fit everything in.
  • Take your time, don't be afraid to go back and look at rooms again, and ask questions if anything is bothering you. Ask for a second viewing if you can't make up your mind straightaway.

If you've seen too many doer-uppers and the idea of extensive renovations and building work leaves you cold, why not consider a new home? Our new homes come with a ten-year insurance-backed new home warranty and our renovation properties are backed by our own two-year warranty. Call 01494 671331 to find out more.


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