Part exchange — the stress-free way to move

If you have a property to sell but do not have a buyer, then part exchange* could be the quick and easy way for you to move up the ladder. The main benefits of using the scheme are:

  • You will not miss out on the plot you want to buy. You will have a guaranteed buyer with no lengthy chains to worry about.
  • There will be no estate agents' fees for you to pay.
  • It is fast, simple and stress-free. We take full responsibility for the marketing and sale of your existing property.

If your property falls into the categories below, you may be able to qualify for the scheme:

  • Your home must be worth no more than 60% of the value of the one you are looking to buy from us.
  • It should be within our current operating area, i.e. within easy reach of one of our current or forthcoming developments.
  • Your home should be structurally sound, in good order and ready to be put on the market for sale.

In order to establish your home's value in part exchange for one of ours, we will firstly instruct two or three local estate agents to value it on our behalf and we'll then make an offer based on their recommendations. Once you accept the offer, you can reserve your new home with us in the usual way. You will need to inform any agents who may be trying to sell your home for you already, as we will take over responsibility for marketing.

Next, we'll instruct a HomeBuyer's Report to be carried out on your property to ensure there aren't any underlying problems that could prevent us from proceeding. If anything is revealed that requires further investigation, we will always discuss the options with you.

We'll appoint an agent to market your home for us immediately so there may be viewings while you are still living there, but the agents will discuss any offers with us directly so all you need to think about is moving into your new home.

If we find a buyer for your current property whilst you are still living there, don't worry - we won't put you under any pressure to move out earlier than we have agreed.

If you think part exchange may be for you, please speak to your sales adviser or call 01494 671331.


* Part exchange is available on selected developments only


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