The Shanly Homes guide to buying a new home

We appreciate that buying a new home is a big commitment and there will be things you will need to arrange before and during your purchase, which can seem daunting, so we have put together a simple step-by-step guide to the process.

Reserving your new home

Before you commit to buying a home, you should take independent financial advice to make sure you are able to obtain a mortgage or otherwise fund your purchase. We usually aim for exchange 28 days after you reserve, so you need to have a complete chain in place. If this is not the case yet, do speak to your sales adviser to see whether a part exchange is feasible.

As soon as you have reserved your home, instruct your solicitor and lender to proceed, ensuring they can meet your timescales.


Once your Solicitor has confirmed you are ready to exchange, we can agree a completion date. This will be a fixed date if your home is already built but, if still under construction, then we will need to agree a completion date 'on notice'.

If you have a related sale, your Solicitor will agree the same arrangements with your buyers.

Between exchange and completion

This is a good time for you to organise your telephone service and postal re-direction not to mention your removals. Your sales adviser or agent can recommend local removals firms.

Before your completion day your sales adviser will invite you to a home demonstration with the site manager for your development. This is to ensure you are familiar with how everything works before you move in and will give you a good opportunity to ask any questions.

We will then give your home a professional clean, ready for you to move in.

Completion day

When our Solicitors have confirmed that the balance of the monies has been received, you will have then completed. Our sales adviser will arrange a time to carry out a formal handover of keys and documentation.

Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of a beautiful new Shanly home.


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