The stress-free way to pack for a house move

Start packing as soon as possible as it is easy to underestimate how long it will take. Pack as much as you can ahead of the moving day. Items that you don't use regularly can be boxed in advance and get rid of anything you no longer need before you move to help keep your removal costs down.

If you want the removal company to dismantle some items or if you are planning to do some packing before the move, let them know at the time of their survey so they can quote you accurately and plan accordingly.

Tips for packing:

  • If you are packing some boxes yourself, clearly label each box with content details and the room to which it belongs - this will make unpacking so much easier.
  • Consider using coloured labels to match boxes against the floor plan of your new home make sure fragile items are clearly marked.
  • Pack heavier items in smaller boxes and lighter items in larger boxes and place heavier items at the bottom of the box.
  • Get the whole family involved and let children pack their own toys.
  • Let your removal company wrap fragile items. Most will insist on this anyway, for insurance purposes.
  • Carefully wrap kitchen knives, scissors and other cutting tools so that they won't puncture the box or cause injury.
  • Don't forget you can use suitcases for some of your items and that pillows, cushions, duvets will help protect items and furniture from damage. Don't forget to pack an overnight bag with things you need urgently, and to keep it with you.

Alternatively, if you prefer to travel light, why not consider buying a Shanly Homes show home? They often come with everything you need! Call 01494 671331  to find out more.

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