Three ways to decorate your dinner table this Christmas

1. Forage for inspiration

If you saw our Christmas decoration blog post, you may already have thought about foraging for nature-inspired decorations. If so, you might want to gather up some more for your table.

Best gathered on the day, and hence a great way to keep children busy while they wait to open their presents, look for yew, holly (especially with berries) and pine cones. Use what you've found to decorate the centre of your table, and keep the rest simple to draw the eye to the gorgeous centrepiece of your table.

* Shake the foliage out before using it, in case of unexpected guests at the dinner table!

2. Reuse and recycle

Christmas tablecloths can be costly and only get a limited amount of use. Instead, you could use rolls of Christmas wrapping paper.

For a grown-up table, you can choose plain golds, reds and greens, or a simple tartan design, but for the children's end of the table, you can really go to town with Santas, elves and reindeer. Cut out rectangles in a contrasting paper to use as place mats.

A clear, wipe-clean table covering will keep your paper safe from gravy, cranberry sauce and wine spills, and can be used all the year round. It will also allow you to recycle the paper you used. You can buy clear PVC from shops like Dunelm or John Lewis.

3. Keep the family occupied

We've already talked about ways to keep the family busy, and here are some more. We can't guarantee your table will win any style awards, but you will end up with something fun and very unique!

Why not set them working on some Lego table decorations? From simple penguins to elaborate train sets, we predict it won't just be the children who feel inspired to create something

We love this napkin Christmas tree. You could even set up a Generation Game-style competition and award marks for the best effort.

And children will love making personalised name cards with stickers, stamps and glitter. You might want to do this a few days before though, in case things get messy.

Whether you keep it simple or go all out this year, we hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. And if you'd like to spend next Christmas somewhere beautiful, why not take a look at our gorgeous new homes?

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