What’s hot or not in interior design? Our predictions for 2019

Fear not, we haven't changed our advice too much since our autumn/winter interior design blog but as the days start to lengthen, it's time to turn our thoughts to spring and beyond.

Neutrals are here to stay

Let's be frank: house builders are bound to have a preference for neutrals. Clean, unfussy colours appeal to the widest possible audience and the last thing we want when you move into a brand new Shanly Home is for you to have to redecorate.

Neutral doesn't have to mean boring though - far from it. By adding 'punches' of colour, with accessories or by painting a feature wall, you can quickly turn your blank canvas into a work of art. We really like Dulux's 'Act' palette with its bold, bright colours but if that's a step too far, check out the 'Think', 'Dream' and 'Love' palettes on the same page. There's something for everyone!

Botanicals make an entrance

We're delighted to hear about the emergence of botanical decor, and it's a trend that's set to take hold in 2019. It's a great way to bring the outdoors in, while outside temperatures are less than ideal, and children are bound to love the tropical feel.

This article from The Rug Seller is packed with ideas from the adventurous  - jungle-inspired wallpaper to the subtle addition of succulents and cacti. We'll be honest: the wallpaper makes us a little nervous, but the wall-hanging combined with crisp, white bedding is just gorgeous!

Let in the light

Great lighting can really make the difference to your home and the latest LED technology means you can have safe, energy-efficient lighting in a range of styles that won't break the bank.

New technology doesn't mean you have can't have a traditional look though -  LED-filament and Eco-filament bulbs look amazing and save on energy at the same time. Our prediction for 2019 is that urban- and vintage-style lighting will continue to be popular, but it will be less rough around the edges - expect to see traditional bulbs in smooth, engineered chrome and shiny copper fittings.

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Wishing you a Happy New Year!

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