Things to do at home during lockdown

Struggling with ideas on what to do at home during lockdown? Take a read of our list below for some inspiration…

Keep fit

If you are self-isolating or runs just aren't for you why not try working out from the comfort of your own home using the free workouts available online. Being physically active is important for your health and mental wellbeing - it might be hard to get started but you will feel great after it! A game of chase or creating a dance routine are also great ways to keep your children active.

Get baking

Release your inner Mary Berry and bake your way through lockdown! Baking is also meant to be beneficial to your body and mind as it gives you clear directions, you're in control and it allows your creativity to shine - you're bound to feel happier when you produce a delicious baked good that you can enjoy afterwards!

There are lots of recipes online that use store cupboard ingredients such as this raspberry banana bread, these healthy sticky toffee baked oats or these nutritious black bean chocolate brownies.

Learn a new skill or hobby

Why not master a new skill or hobby you've been putting off? That could include learning to play an instrument, learning a new language or learning to knit.

Have a clear out

There's no better time than now to have that wardrobe clear out you've been avoiding. And why stop there? While most bills and documents are paperless these days, there are still some important records that need filing away so why not sort out the paperwork as well.

Family time

Seize this opportunity to spend valuable time with your family, whether that be a with a board game, jigsaw or family quiz!

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