Academy Trainee

Academy Trainee

After leaving school, I embarked on my university campaign at Leeds Metropolitan University. During my time there I studied Business Studies where I developed a rounded understanding for the different roles and disciplines that help to keep businesses running smoothly. Business Studies was something I excelled in during my time at sixth form and consequently why I chose this subject at university. I managed to secure a first-class degree whilst gaining a broad spectrum of knowledge that would be transferable into any industry.

After carrying out my undergraduate studies, I decided it was time to narrow my focus down into a specific industry. I decided to undergo a master's degree in Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management at Oxford Brookes University. Construction is something that runs in my family and therefore I have always been interested in the industry. During my masters, I was able to apply for jobs within the industry as I had established a better knowledge and understanding of the subject. It was through my master's degree and experience as a laborer that helped me secure a fantastic opportunity at Shanly Homes as Academy Trainee.

My Shanly Academy Trainee role was a rotation scheme which involved me working for three months in different departments. Through my time here I have worked with the Technical, Build and Land teams. Working in each department gave me a better understanding of how the business operates putting my business degree into practice. More importantly rotating through departments meant experience in a range of disciplines and wider foundation of knowledge. The knowledge I learned in each department was transferable from one to another which helped me grow in confidence and improve the quality of work that I produced. In terms of the social aspect of Shanly Homes, working with the different departments meant becoming familiar with all the faces within the Thames Valley region. I believe this helped me settle into the company quicker and meant I was more comfortable when liaising with the different departments.

Through my time at Shanly Homes so far, I have enjoyed learning more about the construction industry and I have attained greater responsibility through building relationships and trust with my colleagues. The rotation scheme helped keep me on my feet and kept things interesting whilst minimising any tedium. The support I have been given has been fantastic. All my line managers have balanced providing knowledge, support and guidance, with giving me responsibility which helped me to grow in each department.

Shanly Homes is a well-established fantastic company who provide brilliant experience and opportunities for anyone looking to progress their careers in the construction industry. The company has a relaxed working environment but where everyone works hard to keep quality up to standards. The company also has a great work life balance with lots of social events that helps improve the chemistry between employees making work life more enjoyable. I would highly recommend Shanly Homes as a company for a person at any rank in the employee hierarchy and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here thus far.