Our team

We owe our success to the commitment and ability of the people who work for us.

At Shanly Homes we believe that every member of our team plays a vital role in making the business a success.

This belief is reflected in the close working relationships between departments and levels of management.

We understand the value of a strong team.

A shared understanding across the group allows our employees to make informed decisions that benefit the business as a whole.

It is this ethos that has enabled us to sustain growth in all areas of our business.

Through effective training, encouragement and staff incentives we hope to continue strengthening our team so they will in turn enhance our company.

Our Directors

  • Michael Shanly - Chairman
  • Tamra Booth - Group Director
  • Ross Marvin - Group Operations Director
  • Robin Dorran - Group Development Director
  • Jason Seymour - Managing Director