Group Buying Trainee

Having completed my GCSE and A level Qualifications at Boarding School (a large part of which at an International School in Switzerland), I was unsure of what career path I wanted to follow and was therefore encouraged to attend University as it was the "proper thing to do". Despite these suggestions I was adamant it wasn't for me, so I attended Oxford Media and Business School (OMBS) where I learnt the skills and business acumen to become a Personal Assistant including learning the rapid method of writing by means of abbreviation and symbols, which on paper looks similar to that of a 3-year olds scribbles. 

Upon completing the 1 year course at OMBS I had a few interesting roles as Personal Assistant to CEO's and Heads of Departments for large finance companies, including working in London. The final stint of my PA career was being a PA to the CEO and Director of Operations at a Pharmaceutical Company. Despite my training I felt that these roles were not fulfilling where I felt my career could go and whilst still not being 100% sure of the likely pathway, I decided to temp to experience a different industry and other roles which I had interest in.

I commenced my time at Shanly Homes in a temporary role as Customer Care Administrator and Build Secretary. Shanly Homes made me realise that my interest was in the construction industry and the interaction between departments and watching the house building journey was really inspiring and something I felt I could put my experience, energy and enthusiasm into. I was lucky enough to be made permanent employee only two months later in January 2017.

Working in the Customer Care department was a great way to get my foot in the door. I gained a signification amount of construction knowledge by being part of remediating customer snags, dealing with contractors and suppliers and having to learn the processes on-the-job.

I moved over to the Commercial department as Commercial Administrator when a vacancy became available and this is where my knowledge continued to grow. I was keen to learn, asked lots of questions and had the help and support of a team who knew I was happy to push myself and try and learn more. Being part of a new company, I was able to get involved in events and charitable sporting challenging inside and outside work and helped me get to know the people in the business.

As an extension of the Commercial Department a further vacancy became available within the Group Services area of the business learning a specific role as a Buyer. I felt would allow me to cement my knowledge and understanding of one department but give the ability in the future to be flexible or branch out into surveying, estimating or buying in the future

My current role as Group Buying Trainee is already steps ahead of my first role in Shanly Homes and the on-the-job training and working combined with my recent enrolment in Windsor Forrest Group College to gain my Higher National Diploma in Construction gives me an opportunity to further my career in House Building.

Lucy Ashton-Jones who joined Shanly Homes in 2016 is Group Buying Trainee for Group Services.