Making the most of your terrace/balcony at Chesterton Manor - Beaconsfield

With 50% now sold at our private gated development, Chesterton Manor. It's time to make your move and reserve your next home in the heart of Beaconsfield.

With a balcony or terrace to each apartment, you have the opportunity to have access to private outdoor space all throughout the year. We have pulled together some tips that make the most of your terrace/balcony to provide a beautiful extension of your living space.

1. Planting

Plants will help enhance any outdoor space and when they're contained in pots, there's very little weeding to do - and you'll never have to mow the lawn:

  • Take a note of your orientation in relation to the sun, as some plants will thrive better in direct sunlight, and others in shade.
  • Consider buying a  vertical plant holder to hang on your wall, and make the most of a small space.
  • If you don't want to spend hours gardening, a few large plants such as bamboo, olive trees, ferns and grasses can have a dramatic effect with minimal effort.

If you're planning to add a lot of plants, do check whether there are any weight limitations for your balcony or terrace.

2. Outdoor rugs

Outdoor rugs are on trend at the moment. They can cope with whatever the weather throws at them and can really brighten up an outdoor space.

3. Furniture

A table and chairs are essential if you want to eat outside or work from your balcony/terrace, but you won't want an over-sized patio set to overwhelm the space. Alternatively, you could try your hand at "shabby chic" and paint second-hand furniture in bright and funky colours. A little bit of weathering just adds to the appeal.

A strategically placed mirror will help increase your sense of space and can help redirect sunlight into a shady corner. If too much sunshine is a problem, why not try a wall-mounted parasol?

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