Two new restaurants coming to Waterside Quarter

Our residents and the local community are very excited about two new restaurants opening in Waterside Quarter this spring. Making a much-anticipated addition to this vibrant neighbourhood, Bombay Story and ToMo Takovna will be opening their doors to guests in the coming weeks.
Bombay Story are launching their second restaurant, following success with their award-winning venue in Wokingham. They are known for their quality, delicious home-cooked dishes inspired by Mumbai Street food and served in a stunning restaurant setting. 
This is the first opening for restaurant and bar, ToMo Takovna, offering Czech hospitality and serving authentic European cuisine and fresh beer. 
Joining the likes of Coppa Club, El Cerdo and Bardo Lounge, the restaurants will be part of an attractive community which forms the perfect venue for working, relaxing, and enjoying a better quality of town centre living.